May 25, 2010

{Our Cottage} Master Bath & Bedroom

There has been a dry spell here at real estate style. Due to recent events, I had to take a break. I know you are all thinking we must have taken a long, fabulous trip for the Memorial Day weekend. Not at all! I was laid up in the house after having mouth surgery. Terrible, that's all I have to say. Now on to our house. I finally took some pics of our recently painted bedroom and bath. The walls are Benjamin Moore, Palladian Blue, half formula.
We added the bath on our existing screen porch in the spring of 2009. I am so happy with our Mercer Train rack from Pottery Barn. Great when you are short on storage.

The floor was from 12"x12" carerra marble tiles cut in half. I had them laid in a railroad pattern to mimic the subway tiles in the shower. Can I say that I am a HUGE fan of the double towel bar. We got our first one in our other bath, and it really is great. Even if I had a huge bathroom with plenty of wall space, I would still use a double. I think they not only save space, but they look nice. {Even better with clean, folded towels on them}

Please excuse the dirty rugs. Our vanity was custom with the extra tall height. Nice for us folks 5'9" +. The mirror is from Cash Liquidators in Forsyth. {They sell stuff from hotels} I think it was $30. I used the silver rub n' buff stuff because it was gold.

We have been so pleased with the final result in our small 1930's cottage. Going from one full bath to two makes a world of difference. The knee wall in the shower is covered in beadboard. We left the original beadboard ceiling from the porch, so wanted to tie that in.
Now on to the bedroom. The palladian blue walls make me very happy. Also, my headboard was a great find at a Pottery Barn outlet. I believe it's the Riley headboard. The outlets do not sell the slipcovers, so I found a new organic, white, twill one on ebay.

The lamps are a very recent purchase from TjMaxx in Newnan. I prefer not to pay retail for anything... Bedside table on the right is an old family piece, and the other is a table skirted in cheap old muslin. I was so happy to figure out the $3/yard muslin matched the background of my pillow fabric. It came from PJs Fabrics in Albany. I think the name is Marrakesh in Cobblestone.

The duvet was a steal from Overstock.

You may remember the new bench and el cheapo' gallery wall I posted about a few weeks ago. We are loving the bench! Really great for piling up stuff :)

So that's it. I didn't show the wall with our tv and dresser, because I am waiting for a new/used dresser from a friend that I am going to paint white. I also have plans for white cotton curtains. Maybe a seagrass rug too, we'll see!

May 24, 2010

dog friendly house

I thought we had two chairs in our living room that the girls didn't want to sit in. They usually stay dog hair free.
Until now, Savannah likes this spot today. I guess it's easy to look out the front window. I promise I didn't put her up there. Walked in the living room, and there she sat!
Glad her hair matches the fabrics!

May 19, 2010

runner up!

No, I don't have a giveaway going today. Today's topic is "stair runners." I know, so exciting. This week I'm covering some dreams & aspirations of mine concerning houses. Monday was dream kitchens, Tuesday was killer pool houses, and today is fabulous foyers & staircases.
{Our only stairs lead to the attic, & to our basement, don't think we'll be creating any of these looks anytime soon!}
From Metropolitan Home magazine. This is a little formal for my taste.

via the red chair blog.
Seagrass seems to be the safest option.
I also like the painted stair treads & risers.

made by girl blog via decorpad
This shows seagrass in a more formal house. I like how it contrasts with the dark wood floors.

I think the fawn print from eddie ross is fun & different! One of my many magazines has a room with a fawn rug, & I really like it. Also, it works with the wood treads. If I had a new house tomorrow with a staircase like this, I would be hesitant to paint the entire steps. The runner would allow for changes without hurting or changing the stairs.

This is a bright colored sisal. Or should I say "coloured," from Canadian House & Home.
I love this bold look, but would be much too scared to commit to something like this. Charles doesn't like to do things twice, but when it comes to decorating, I like to keep my options open...

I've had this picture saved for a long time. It was in my "skirted console tables" file. I like the neutral walls & seagrass rugs paired with the pop of coral & zebra.
I know this photo has made it's way around blogtown, but I'm sorry, can't remember the source.

What's next, maybe powder rooms? We'll see....

May 18, 2010

pools and their houses

I have pools on the brain.
It's that time of year here in Georgia when we wish we had a pool! As I was searching for pool pics, I got sidetracked onto pool houses. Here are some good ones.

unique unique design blog

velvet & linen blog

house in birmingham via things that inspire blog
You know the main house that goes with this one is awesome.

design ties blog

another from velvet & linen blog
via decorpad

brown design inc via decorpad

artistic pools atlanta
I think this small courtyard pool is great. Who needs a huge pool anyway! This is perfect.

artistic pools
I don't think we'll be building a pool anytime soon, but I can still dream!

May 17, 2010

favorite kitchens

Yesterday, I did some online searching. I decided it was time to add more kitchens to my favorites folder. These are some good ones I found.

An Erika Powell designed kitchen via Coastal Living

Many of my images came from Things that Inspire. A great Atlanta based blog.
The photo above, and the next seven came from Things that Inspire.

this gray kitchen came from Decorpad.

I love the photo above. It came from a search of "Georgian Kitchens" on
I like the huge table with the wingback chairs. Also, love the lights over the island.


this is another kitchen that has been on almost every design blog. I found these pics again on Things that Inspire. The aqua lanterns are the best part. If I had to re-do a kitchen tomorrow, I think I would use this look.

A farmhouse sink via Joni's kitchen @ Cote de Texas.

Carolina Kitchens via Decorpad
{I think long islands are great!}

As you can see, I am drawn to white kitchens. I think this is a timeless look. Watching Sarah's House on HGTV yesterday, she said something that made sense. When designing kitchens she stays away from extreme detailing and glazing on cabinets. Less is more, and that will allow for a kitchen that will stand the test of time. I agree!
Hope everyone has a great week!

May 14, 2010

fresh squeezed lemonade!

In the summer of '08, we went to Sorrento, Italy. They grow very large lemons there! Charles & I were amazed.

Charles made fabulous fresh squeezed lemonade while there, & we were hooked. When back in the states, we purchased this electric juicer.
This afternoon, we'll be working for a good cause. We will be at spot 21 at the Spalding High track for Relay for Life. If you live in Griffin, come by for hotdogs, chips, and Charles' famous lemonade! It will be good. It will also be a long night. We will be out there pretty late!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

May 11, 2010

Thomasville {Part 2}

The second part of our day trip in Thomasville was particularly fun for me. We visited Sweet Grass Dairy. They have a market where you can buy cheese, cured meats, wine, crackers, etc. Since I am a big fan of all cheese, we brought home some in addition to the best salami I have ever had. Also got a cute canvas shopping tote with their logo.
After the market, we drove into the dairy. They weren't open for tours, but we were told we could drive in to see some goats. The guy at the market said these babies were only a few days old.
I was pretty amazed by their cuteness.

The blog photo opp. Charles loves these.

Doesn't this make you want a baby goat?
It is a beautiful place. We didn't see any cows. They must have been hiding in another field.
Goats really do eat anything. See below.

I just think this little babe would love living with us and 2 whippets.

The goats below were closer to the actual dairy. They looked like teenage goats.
A huge herd of adult goats.

I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

On a side note. Emily Giffin's new book, Heart of the Matter, came out yesterday. I started it last night, and so far so good. She is one of my favorite fictional authors. I have read all of her previous books. She is an Atlanta girl.


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