October 30, 2009

stylin' scarecrows...

Last Sunday was the Scarecrows in the Garden event out at the UGA Experiement Gardens. You could enter a scarecrow in the contest two weeks prior. Charles and I created a scarecrow for Griffin Realty {my real estate co.}, and a few of the girls on the board at the Historical Society helped in creating that scarecrow. Last, Charles' office, Beck, Owen, & Murray, entered one.

This is "Miss Rela State" for Griffin Realty
I know, so creative... The name really was the hardest part.

Charles had the plan for building the structures out of pvc pipe. I used some clothes from my give a way pile in the basement, and voila!

Don't you think she looks just like a realtor! Notice the green sweater tied around her neck. My colors are green and gray. Charles was the hand specialist. He worked really hard on making those hands. They even have red nails and a ring made out of gum wrapper!
This is "Auntie Bellum" for the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society

I really thought she was the best. The dress is a $10 find at our local thrift store. I tried to negotiate the price down, but they don't negiotiate on formal wear...

It's hard to see, but she has a nice little black crow on her left shoulder. I think she is stylishy creepy!
"BOM" For Beck, Owen, & Murray
BOM won most likely to scare crows. I think they got that one right!

While none of our scarecrows won the overall vote, Miss Rela State did win "Most Representative of Your Company/Business"

And Sophie was there to get the ribbon!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We have an exciting Saturday planned, will fill you in soon!

October 29, 2009

DIY:: pumpkin flower arrangements

Tuesday night was Garden Club. It was my third time, so I think I am officially in. It's a good year to do it, because my great friend, Shannon, is the pres! Anyway, I am not really a flower/plant person. I love them, but just don't have the knack for arranging, etc.

We did create cute pumpkin arrangements. Christine and I found our peachy colored pumpkins at Ingles grocery store. We thought it would be fun to go a little different. The first step is to cut out the top, and clean out the inside like you are preparing to carve. At Garden Club, Shannon and Kate brought fresh cut flowers from the grocery store for each of us to pick and choose. They also got the greenery from Kate's yard.

Here's mine. Like I said, not a natural at flower arranging. It's still pretty cute though. Wasn't sure where to put it, so I plopped it in this huge bowl on our dining room table.

You'll notice the 2 small pumpkins. This is about as far as my halloween/fall decor goes folks. It's sad... I will make up for it at Christmas time.

This one is Christines's. I like the brighter colors in hers.

We did poke a little fun at how long she took to carefully arrange hers, but it paid off.
Love it!
I wish I had pictures of the others. Some of the girls used the smaller pie pumpkins, and they were super cute.

I lied. I do have one more piece of halloween/fall decor. Sunday I painted a pumpkin at the UGA Scarecrows in the Garden event. The pumpkin painting station was really for kids, but there was an opening. You will see that my artistic ablility really is in painting. I may take this gig on the road....

Don't you see the resemblence?

October 27, 2009

what's your favorite fabric!

I finally got the Mcklinky gadget on my textile tuesdays post! I would love to hear what you like, or have you link to a post with a picture of your favorites! Scroll down to my textile tuesdays post from earlier today!

textile tuesdays!

I am loving these fretwork patterns!
The first one is from Calico Corners and is called fretwork aqua.

The following fabrics are all from Inside Fabric
& this one is abstract seagrass by Duralee

abstract natural/green by Duralee

I'm a little obsessed with tangerine/coral colored fabrics now, so I really love this one.
abstract tangerine by Duralee

October 26, 2009

gala in griffin!

We had such a fun night Saturday at the Gala Celebration! Christine and I ended up finding long dresses at the BCBG final cut outlet store on Friday. They were a great deal, so we were excited! I don't have that many pictures, but we had a fabulous photographer there, so will post more once I get them. I hope everyone had a great weekend too! We also spent a few hours on Sunday at the University of Georgia Experiment Gardens. My scarecrow won "Most Representative of Business", I will post pictures on that later this week!

L to R:: Me, Leslie, Mark, Christine, & Shannon
Christine, Me, & Shannon
Christine & Me
More pics to come...

October 23, 2009

nothing to wear...

We have the Historical Society's black tie Gala tomorrow, and I have nothing to wear! Shouldn't have waited to the last minute, now I can't order anything. Here are a few I wish I were wearing.
I don't normally wear red {unless to a UGA game}, but I love this!
Can't go wrong with black.

Absolutely LOVE the colors on this one!

Hope you have a great weekend!

October 21, 2009

mirror mirror

Charles & I hit up one of our favorite places on Monday. Cash Liquidators in Forsyth, Ga. If you live near, or pass by on I-75 you should stop. It is in an old mill building right off of the interstate. Cash Liquidators gets furniture from hotels, and sells at great prices. It's hit or miss, and the inventory changes, so always fun to drop in.

We found this mirror for $19! I wasn't able to turn down an interesting mirror for that price. They might as well be giving them away! It is a little medieval looking, but I think it will work on our little front portico area. If it ever needs to come inside, I think a little paint could change the look.

What do you think for $19?

October 16, 2009

pillow talk

On Tuesday I posted two fabrics that I have in our living room. Maureen @ the Ingle Nook Decor blog left a comment about seeing the finished pillows. Well, I still need to take decent pictures of our living room because it is close to being finished. Until then, here are some close-ups of the pillows and the fabrics.

I bought this sofa at Abode 7 in Atlanta. It was the floor model, and they had the back four pillows covered in a stripe with golds and mustard colors. I had the new covers made in the Bohemian Rapsody from Lewis & Sheron. {The small striped pillow is from West Elm} Also, since this picture, we have 2 new small coffee tables.
I love this fabric! At $45/yard, I got lucky with remants for much less! We have two of these chairs, and I am still debating on what color to paint them. I am sort of fading black out, and the fabric on the sofa has brown. Also on the look out for a good fabric to cover the seat cusions.

October 13, 2009

textile tuesday!

Today I have two fabrics for textile tuesdays. Still procrastinating on that Mclinky gadget so you can post your favorite textile!

This one is Akamai that I bought at Lewis & Sheron Fabrics in Atlanta. I have two pillows in this with a cream rope piping. They are in our living room.

This is Bohemian Rapsody, also from Lewis & Sheron. This is on the back pillows on our new sofa. The sofa matches the tan/camel color in this fabric. I have really enjoyed having the mix of greens and aqua/teals in our house, and this fabric has set the tone for our entire house. Have a great Tuesday!

October 12, 2009

project runway...

Project runway, six year old style. Friday night was my niece, Delaney's, 6th birthday party at the Nancy Jones School of Dance in Americus. Charles and I loaded up the girls, and headed south for the party. Kim {Delaney's mom & my sister-in-law} did a fabulous job planning and decorating her cute model party.

These were the invitations, so realistic! I'm sure it's just like an invite to a show at Fashion Week in NYC!

This is the run way. Kim created the name backdrop.

Her awesome birthday cake, again, created by Kim!

Each girl got a blingin' ring from the cake. {I wore mine all night!}

The paparazzi. {Standing up in the number 5 shirt is brother Davis}

Delaney's practice walk. She worked it!

This was the final line up once the lights came on. My camera was having trouble getting pics while the lights were down. It was a fun night. My other niece & nephew came down from Atlanta with my sister, Lauren. We had an after party dinner across the street at The Station. Then it was back to Griffin on Saturday am for the UGA game. we should've stayed in Americus!

Last random pic. On my walk around the block with Davis and his paparazzi friends, I took this picture through the window of Mary Baldwin Antiques. If you ever drive through downtown Americus, you must stop in here. It is a great shop, also where I registered for some great wedding gifts back in the day. Have a great week!

October 11, 2009

what's your style?

I just found this personal style quiz @ Ada & Darcy . My style was Hamptons Whitewash. That is probably a decent description, since I like coastal influences in my house. The picture above is a little magazine cover you get after the quiz, and below is an inspiration board, I guess.

October 10, 2009

magazine love & give-a-way

Pk over @ Room Remix is having a magazine give-a-way. You get to choose from a few. I think I will choose Better Homes & Gardens in case I win. Go visit her & sign up! Good luck!

vintage wood beds

I thought I only wanted an upholstered bed, then I saw these in my new Viva Terra catalog.
Loving the rustic wood. Really like the first one best.

October 8, 2009

stylish horses

Growing up with horses, one thing a girl always has is horse stationery! Yesterday, I saw an online ad for Smock Paper Press so I checked out their website. All of the stationery & invitations are eco friendly, & printed on bamboo paper. At first glance I really liked their designs. Then, I found the horse note cards below. I love this design!
Then, I checked out Iomoi to see their latest horse designs. They used to have a cute horseshoe, but now they have this fabulous horse head paper! Iomoi is a little on the pricey side for my taste, but all of their stuff is amazing, check it out!
Really love the green horse head knocker!

These are loose pads in a lucite tray. Would be great to have on my desk! Maybe they will come out with a horse head knocker set!


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