May 6, 2010

just a few things to get off my chest...

I love a good chest. Mainly smaller ones that work for entryways, and small spaces. This one below is a bit larger. Would have made a good dresser. It was for sale a few years back at Furniss in Macon. Despite the hefty price tag, I wish we would have bought it. The piece by Drexel Heritage is now discontinued. Finding that out immidiately made me long for this. :(
So back to chests. Maybe it was my long time search for an entryway piece. This one below was a contender at Scott's Antique Market back in January. I still really like the size, shape, and color. The door pull is pretty cute too.
Then there were a few at Dutchman's in Saint Simons.

I am obviously a big fan of painted furniture.
Now on to some saved pieces from Pier 1. This isn't a chest, but cute nonetheless.

I believe this is the Wynterhall chest from Pier 1. Love the stripes.

And this is the Raie chest. I originally saw this in a mailer for Pier 1. Super cute!

So that's all for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have some fun things on the agenda. Pictures sure to follow on Monday!

PS-I may also be hosting a small giveaway soon!


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