July 27, 2010

Great Give a Way!!!

Be sure to check out this fabulous give-a-way at Jones Design Company blog.
{Not any relation to me!}
There are too many great things to list!

furniture store

While furniture shopping online, I ran across a cool site. Eclectic Essentials has tons of great furniture. I really like this tresle dining table.

And this round one.

The alson console was the coolest thing to me. This could have so many different uses . Love the rustic look.
Thought I would share this cool site.

July 25, 2010

what i'm wearing...

Some bloggers like to post the outfits they wear on a regular day. I wanted to show what I wore the other night....to a 70's party!
Old scarf of my mom's, my massive sunglasses, wooden earrings, pique dress, and Tarjay super stacker shoes. Mom wore this as a swimsuit cover-up in the 70's, so this was my look. I went against the hippie chick, or disco diva-I like to think more Jackie O. :)

It's tough to get couple shots. Please pardon the dog toy mess. This is Savannah's toy basket {aka wood feed bucket} in my office.

Charles was channeling a little Jimmy Connor....{He wouldn't wear a sweatband, or carry a tennis racket}
Or a little Mcenroe...Minus the tennis tantrums!

July 23, 2010

this weekend

I have already been to an estate sale EARLY this morning. If you like chicken decor, this was the sale for you!
{crane creek vineyard}
Might do some late spring cleaning at the barn this weekend...
{via martha stewart}

I brought home my mirror like this one below from my booth. Decided to keep, and maybe paint this weekend.

Wish we had one of these for this weekend.

{via high street market}

Have a great weekend!

July 22, 2010

more green

As a follow up to my previous post, here is more green! Since it is my favorite color, I went through my favorites file, and found these. What do you think of green doors? I think for the right house it would be fun.

{blueprint mag via concord green blog }

{via concord green blog}

This dining room is full of color! This has to be a beach house. Love all the green, turquoise, and coral.
{via kelly green blog }

Having a white sofa sitting in our basement, I am always on the look out for pics like this below. I would never be so bold as to do the stripes, but I really like all of the furniture and fabrics in this room.
{mary mcdonald via odi et amo }

This is an old favorite from Coastal Living. Similar to my Veranda post, pops of green on a neutral backdrop.
{via coastal living }

They did mix in a little coral to break it up. {This is just like my sofa}
{via coastal living}

On to some bedrooms. I typically go towards blue bedrooms, but I do like this bright green. I really like the velvet lumbar pillows on the bed and the curtains.
{caldwell flake via blueprint bliss }

Too bright? Here is a toned down version. I do like peaceful and calming bedrooms.
{style + grace via simply seleta }

There are so many different ways to incorporate green into design. What is your favorite color to use in decorating?

July 21, 2010


Magazines are tough to throw away. I do try to thin my collection periodically. It is too sad to throw them away, so I usually pass on to a friend. {Unless I have torn out too many pages for my binder}

One way to keep my abundance of magazines, is to use them as decor. In our living room cabinet, I keep my stack of Veranda magazines. To me, they look nice enough with the wide edge. Anyway, the other night I was flipping through them, and found one of my very favorite rooms. Thought I would share.
This is the cover-October 2007

I do like a mix of colors, but if I had to choose one color to go with white, this bright green is it!

This is one of those spaces that gets me excited, and ready to redecorate something!!

This beautiful room seems like something I can emulate pretty easy.

Bright green has always been my color of choice. When I used to compete show horses, my colors were green and purple, then as I got older, I went to green and black. If there is ever a color choice in something, for me it's green! Doesn't this room just make you happy?

July 20, 2010

cool collage

There's nothing like putting your house on the market to get you cleaning, trashing, and organizing! What do you do with those things from childhood that you don't need, but just hate the thought of throwing out? I do think you have to purge in stages. When I went to college, I took only the things I needed. Then my parents sold their house when I lived in Newnan, and they sent a TON of my stuff to me. We're talking every single thing that I had ever owned. When I left Newnan for Griffin, I did get rid of a bunch of stuff. There were still things that I wasn't ready to let go. Through the years here in Griffin, I have given away and thrown away more stuff. Things that just a few years ago I thought I had to keep. Anyway, this story is brought on by this collage below. Way back in the day, my best friend made this for me. I remember her asking for some of my horse magazines at the time. Since I am apparently a hoarder and pack rat by nature, I gave them to her with trepidation....This is what she did! I'd say we were somewhere in the 11-13 age range. I have had this thing framed all of these years. Cleaning the basement the other day, I ran across it. My great idea was to take a picture for me to keep. This really is/was the ultimate inspiration board for all things equine. Which leads me to my point.
When we were younger, we called them collages. Now, as bloggers or whatever, we call them inspiration boards. Maybe it is just a cooler term. If you told your friends you made a cool collage, they might start thinking of pictures of your favorite boy bands, and such! Inspiration board, just sounds-maybe more professional and grown up. Here is my current IB below. No staging or rearranging.

You can see my original post on the history of my inspiration board here.

We see inspiration boards online that are inspiring to us as well. Below is Erika's from Urban Grace. {If you read my original post, you will know I used her's to design mine}
In some pictures like this one below, the IB seems like a piece of art to pull the room together.
{image from canadian house & home}

This is from Erin at Elements of Style. Erin uses this as her blog header.

What do you think? Is the inspiration board the new collage? Either way, I love mine!

July 19, 2010

visit to the 30A

These pictures are a little late. For the 4th, we went to San Destin. One of the days, we cruised down the 30A to Seaside. I have never been to this area, but after reading Seleta's blog, and Erika's blog for a long time now, I was interested in seeing this great area.

These are just some random pictures from the day. I do LOVE Seaside, and would love to go back for a vacation. It is such a happy place, and I love how neat, clean, and organized it is! Did I mention it's a pretty dog friendly place too?

Very cool airstreams for a quick bite.
How cute is this post office?Pizitz is AWESOME!!! Loved every single thing in the store. Furniture, accessories, and art.
Everything here really gets the creative juices flowing.
My pictures are kind of backwards, but I think this is called "Ruskin Park."
Very cool, Savannah style architecture with a little mod mixed in.

This chapel is awesome. I love the style. We had to get some pics.

Then for a little break before heading back to San Destin.
L2R: Charles, Moi, Christine, & Kyle
We loved this place! The Great Southern Cafe. The atmosphere on the porch, and the bartenders rock! We will be back one day!

July 17, 2010

let there be light

What did we do before online shopping? It's the ultimate in window shopping. Found these good looking lanterns on Shades of Light.

There was a recent Southern Living that featured a home with huge glavanized water troughs as planters. That got me thinking that I really like the galvanized look. {Never knew that in all my years around horse water troughs}

I really like this lantern below.
These would be cool on a covered porch. Or maybe in a barn if you wanted to have a barn party!

Then to the natural looking stuff. I am also a big fan of driftwood decor. This sphere lantern is awesome, but at $799, Charles and I may have to find our own driftwood and make one.

Another good looking driftwood lantern.

This bamboo is super cute. I could see this in some bright colors! It's $148, so more reasonable.

This Gothic Lantern is one of my faves. Comes in different sizes and finishes.

I think this one would look good over our dining room table. Anyway, that's all for the weekend, have a good one!


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