June 28, 2010

small project update

There's nothing like having a nice work weekend to get your house in order! Charles has been working so hard in the yard. I am so impressed and happy with how our little place is looking. Meanwhile, I cleaned, did laundry, and finished a few projects. One that I worked on, was painting our interior doors. Earlier this year, I started painting our doors an olive color. I painted all the sides you see, just not the backs. So, I worked on that Saturday.

Yesterday, I finished the backs of our bookcase in the dining room. See my original post here.

I will be taking a blogging vacation this week. See you after the 4th!

June 25, 2010

idea house art

The other day I did a post about the fabulous new Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Ga. Check it out here. In the post I mentioned one of the featured artists, Millie Gosch, who is originally from Newnan. Since Newnan and Senoia are both in Coweta County, the designer tried to find local art for the house.

I ablsolutely love oil paintings. The more colorful and casual the better. See an old art post here.
It doesn't hurt that many of Millie's paintings are based on my two favorite places...farms and beaches. They aren't really beach front paintings, but mostly marsh {I believe some based on St. Simons Island}

You can see more of her beautiful work on her website. here.

It has been a busy busy work week. Looking forward to the weekend, and an upcoming beach trip. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

June 24, 2010

a few months ago

Sometimes I like to post pictures so I know I can always find them. A blog is really a great way to keep track of the millions of pictures we take having digital cameras. The days of having all photos developed are over, so in lieu of printing pics, I like to post!
Jennifer visited from Newnan a few months back, so these aren't recent.
We went to 6th Street Pier that night with Christine.

I was out of place having no scarf :( {I look like a giant in this picture, bad angle}
that's all for now. On to work...

June 22, 2010

Amelia Island

This past weekend we went to Amelia Island for the GA Bar Association conference. {Lawyers not bartenders :)} This was our 3rd year going to this, and staying at the Amelia Island Plantation. We learned that they do have dog friendly rooms, so this year the girls got to go on vacay too!
It was great! We had a first room floor, perfect for doggy potty breaks.
We also had a room that overlooked the ocean. Each morning we took the girls for beachtime very early while the beach was pretty quiet and cool.
Savannah got to practice her jumping skills. She's pretty impressive.

Sophie loves the beach, always has.
There was some high speed running. Mostly by this one below.
The beach really is Whippet heaven.

Sophie got to kick up her heels.

Did I mention she's fast? Very fast....

The Amelia Inn.

This was the grassy hill between our room and the ocean.

They did great in the room. No accidents or problems! Savannah really likes vacation life!
Can't wait until next year!

June 21, 2010

What's Your Style in One Photo Challenge!

The blog, From The Right Bank, to The Left Coast, To The Deep South, has it's 3rd installment of "What's Your Style in One Picture" challenge. I decided to browse through my saved pics to see what I could use.

This picture below has been in my favorites file for a long time. {I always think if I were an Auburn fan or UF fan, this would be my room!} Anyway, I love casual, yet put together look of this room. I would not necessarily use blue and orange, but I like the mix of bright colors against neutral furniture and walls. I think my style is going towards neutral paint colors and large pieces of furniture, with colorful accents.

For this photo challenge I had to search to find the source of this picture. Turns out it is from designer Palmer Weiss. His website has some fabulous pictures! I will be doing a post on Palmer as a new favorite designer soon!
Again, I am not a bright orange person, but I just love the way this room feels. There are plenty of good looking formal spaces online, but I love finding casual family rooms that are something that I can imagine living in.

Head on over to the blog if you want to enter this challenge!

June 20, 2010

Southern Living Idea House!

Extra, Extra! There is a Southern Living Idea house 30 miles from Griffin, Ga!!! Of course I had to venture over on opening weekend to see for myself.

Senoia is halfwalf between Newnan & Griffin. When Charles and I were dating, I lived in Newnan, and he lived in Griffin. There were many drives through this small town. About the only thing I ever did in Senoia was buy horse feed. There was a small feed store that carried my brand. Anyway, Senoia didn't have too much going on just a few years back. Slowly, but surely, the addition of new restaurants and antique shops starting increasing. Oh yeah, Holberg's Furniture store was already there, that is a great store.

If you can plan a day to visit the new Idea House, plan to spend a few hours in downtown Senoia. Word to the wise, go to the Idea House first. They may give you a coupon to use in the downtown shops and restaurants. Christine and I didn't know that....We ate, shopped, then went to the house. I would fear after touring the awesome digs, that one might overspend at the stores. The designer, Jamie McPherson, said he bought some of the decor and furniture from Senoia's stores to give the house that local flavor. We actually met Jamie, and he was so nice. Jamie owns Hearth & Home Interiors. He was also recently featured in Southern Living.

One of the best things about the Idea House, is the source room. We were able to sign up to have a conmplete source guide mailed to us, but until then, there were some vendors' information in the garage. Jamie used art by local artists throughout the house. The art was one of the things that caught my eye right off the bat. My favorite is Millie Gosch. Check out her fabulous oil paintings.
You can get more info on the Idea House here. There is also a new video Sneak Peek Here!
My pictures are below. They do not allow photos to be taken of the interior. You must go see for yourselves!

Great courtyard area! I would replace these statues with Whippet statues, but that's just me...

Needless to say, I highly recommend spending the 10 bucks to get in...

June 11, 2010


AWESOME! That's all I have to say. I would prefer to have a paper version in hand, but the online shelter magazine, Lonny, is fabuloso! This is a popular topic among many of the blogs I read, but I felt it held enough importance to be discussed on this here blog. If you have already seen it, sorry. If you haven't, check it out now! The article on Pieces store owner, Lee K, is my favorite. She was hired to redecorate the model unit in her condo building in Atlanta. She goes through advice and things to keep in mind when staging a house for sale. If your house is on the market, or you are thinking about it-call me! Just kiddding, just read this article. I think the tips are good even if you aren't going anywhere. I like the idea of "less is more" when it comes to decorating. I might even go throw more stuff down into our basement right now!

blogs of note

Sorry to those who are getting this post twice in your email! I accidentally posted before I was finished!

Today, I wanted to share some good Griffin & Atlanta based blog reads. I don't have a ton of fellow Griffin bloggers, so I wanted to add Atlanta blogs.

Yesterday, we did create a blog for the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society. From time to time, I post about events here on this blog. Now we have one designed specifically for keeping everyone up to date on events, and we have a place to post the pictures we get post event. If you are interested in keeping up, please subscribe by email or become a follower. GSHS blog

Of course some other good Griffin reads.

Pink is my Signature Color
Follow Sarah Beth through her adventures in life after college, and now in wedding planning for the next 8-9 months!

The Creative Resolution
Follow Kate as she ventures into the world of baking. Each week she posts new & fabulous cake, cupcake, & cookie designs!
Follow Natalie in her new adventures living life in the big city of Macon!
So, on to Atlanta blogs. Things that Inspire is a great place to see some of the fabulous older homes in Atlanta.
things that inspire blog

This Photographer's Life by Blayne Beacham. Blayne is a photographer, and posts many fabulous pictures. Many of which come from awe inspiring homes for sale in Atlanta. She is linked with Beacham & Co. Realtors in Atlanta, so you will see some great stuff! {She inspires me to get better with my photography skills when it comes to real estate!}
this photographer's life blog

I'm sure most of you have heard of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. Well, they have a blog too.

atlanta homes & lifestyles blog

I just found Whitehaven today via This Photographer's Life. This blog is by 2 interior designers in Atlanta. Looks like some great stuff!
whitehaven blog
That's all for today. I'm sure there are so many I am leaving out! Have a great weekend!

June 10, 2010

eleven years

It's this gal's 11th birthday today. Can't believe it's been 11 years since our first meeting. Sophie came into our lives at the ripe old age of 4 months, and she took charge. She's still in charge....

The pictures above were taken at mine and Kim's Athens apartment in college. We had a small grassy area in the back. I like to call it the Jamestown Jungle. Anyway, there is the bday girl above with her older sister Lane. Lane would have been about one there.

The photo below was taken at Sophie's first horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. Those days, we spent lots of time on the road travelling to events.
I can't believe how dark their little racoon faces were back then.
Sweet sisters.

Now, Sophie plays the role of older sister to Savannah. She likes that, like I said, she's in charge.

Last night we had a little shindig at the Jones cottage. When we get older, we get tired sometimes. Sophie had all she could take. She sacked out early in the guest room.
{Notice her white face compared to her younger face?}

Looking forward to many more good years. Whippets typically have nice long lives, so we aren't worried about this girl going anywhere anytime soon!


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