February 27, 2010

I think my blog has been compromised....had a strange profile picture. Anyone else have that happen? Very strange

February 26, 2010

new land=new boots

Has anyone else had trouble getting a pair of Hunter Wellies for the past few months? Well, maybe it's just other size 9 gals like me. I wanted a pair for Christmas, but they have been sold out online. Finally, I had the great idea to check out ebay. Found these for a good deal. I know you are wondering, why didn't she get the original green? Well, I decided I wanted to be a little different, and also, these boots are made for walking in mud, so made sense to go brown.

The thing that really made me finally get these boots, was our new purchase. We recently bought some land in Griffin.
There is a creek on the property, as well as some low wet areas. Charles finally got me walking the property with my new boots!
And really, I should have bought some wellies along time ago. I mean, I've only been cleaning their rooms for 20+ years.....
They like the brown.
Have a great weekend!!

February 22, 2010

paint projects

I bought a mirror for a great deal last fall. Details and before picture here.

Sometimes I move a little slow, but I did some painting yesterday. The weather was so NICE here! I made a little painting spot in our basement, and tried to organize all the projects I have planned. Some are for us, and some are to sell at our booth.

So here's the first item. Do I keep or sell? Not sure yet. I really like it much better now!
This was during the process...
I also painted this magazine rack. It was black, now a light green.
This is my fabulous paint studio in our basement. Ha!
Last thing...I did another fabric covered corkboard with nailheads for the booth too.
Once I get our paint sprayer going, I hope to get much more painting done! I have a few pieces of furniture waiting for a transformation.

February 18, 2010

new issue of country living

It is always very exciting to see something you own on the cover of a magazine!

See my pillow in my guest room? I made it, from a $1 fabric swatch from American Mills in Griffin. Bought the rope trim there also. The back is a solid fabric that I already owned. Later, I found another swatch, so if I want, I can have 2 of these. I would say for less than $5 each.

Now, the March cover of Country Living. See something familiar on the chair? I checked the source page in the back. Turns out that pillow is $168 by J. Seitz. That makes my bargain hunter side really happy.

Back to the March issue. It is no secret in blogtown that County Living has been stepping it up since the closing of great mags like Cottage Living, Domino, etc. This really is one of those issues that I love some many things, I will read it cover to cover.

This particular article, made me think of a property I have listed for sale in Griffin. I do have a real estate blog, http://www.griffin-realty.blogspot.com/, so I try not to make real estate style about my properties for sale. However, this brings up the topic of "vision." It's easy to overlook the potential of a property if you do not like the owner's style. I try not to fall victim to this, but this article tells me I have.

This is 113 West Slaton Avenue in downtown Griffin. Listing info. here. I have always thought this building could be really cool. It is an open space on the main level {perfect for retail, maybe an antique shop, furniture boutique, or fabric store?}, and an apartment on the 2nd floor.

Upstairs there are great brick walls and wood floors. Can you see it?

Here's the property in CL. This lady bought an old post office building, and turned it into a live/work property. She lives upstairs, and runs a furniture shop and antique mall in the lower level. She also hosts bistro-night dinners, and flower arranging workshops. How cool is that?

So, does it look familiar? Two story, free-standing, brick building.

And now, an interior shot. I can totally see the room in my building looking something like this. Too bad the Whippets need a yard, or we could do something like this! In this market/economy, it's good to be creative. I think living above your work is a great way to consolidate expenses when you are a small business owner. {Like me :)}

So, go grab the new issue, you won't be sorry!

February 17, 2010

cool furniture faux real!

I have always been a huge fan of distressed and painted furniture. When I lived in Newnan, I used to go to Lakewood Antiques Market. That really started my love for distressed, painted furniture. During that phase, I liked it really distressed. So much that you might have pieces of paint falling off! Now, I am really into all these distressed paint techniques that have layers of different colors. A little cleaner, no paint flakes. Anyway, I want to try my hand at this, but our Georgia winter is going to have to ease up a bit before I start painting outside.

Today, Tricia over at the morning t, shared some pics of a painting project she just finished. I am really impressed. If she didn't live far away from me, I would ask her to come over to help me paint!

Check out this old piece of furniture she had in her dining room. If you read up on her blog, she is transitioning her home away from dark, and into more light and bright! {It looks great, be sure to look for her new coffee table~fabulous!}

Tricia used paint she had. Over on her blog, she explains the steps to achieve this look. This is so professional looking to me. I could see this in an expensive furniture boutique store! And I really love the colors used. I am a huge fan of grays right now. Thanks Tricia for sharing!
The next furniture paint transformation comes from Layla at the lettered cottage. I'm sure you've been to the Lettered Cottage before. Layla is always coming up with a great economical project. She refinished this dining room table.

Check out TLC for more pics, and details on her work. Again, I think a very professional looking job!

Aren't you inspired to break out the paint brush this weekend? I am, but like I said above, it's going to have to warm up here.

February 14, 2010

last of our snow pics

This was yesterday. Most of our snow is melted now. Back to life as usual.....

The girls had fun out at Meadowlark. Calhoun joined in for a run.

{I am having trouble with my text throughout this post. You will notice the horses had fun in the snow too! Duke, who will be 27 in March, just watched. He is a very mature equine. }
That's it. We had a murder mystery party last night that was alot of fun. Today has been a good Valentine's day. Took the girls back to the barn, and now we are eating my turkey chili. Recipe here.

February 12, 2010

southern snow!!!

It's snowing like crazy in Griffin!! We went for a walk in the snow. It is so exciting for us to have so much! Here are a few pics from the stroll...

this is my fabulous snow outfit :)
View of East College Street

Our house.
Look very closely in the middle window. Some cute little Whippet heads.
Our crib again.
Saw some friends along the way. Anna was out cruising.
Our house again.

That's it. Probably more to come tomorrow! Happy Snow Weekend!


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