March 31, 2010

I know this is a stretch...

But, I just got this frame for $1 at a local thrift store.
I may be crazy, but it reminded me of this below.

So, what do you think of my mini starburst frame?

the picture in the frame was our Bonnie. My new find will reside on my nightstand.
{photo source:, ballard designs, &}

March 30, 2010

in addition to my previous post...

Sorry for the repeat for those who subscribe by email. I posted this on Sunday, then immediately, and accidentally posted the one on Charles. Thought I would re-post this for those who may have missed it!
My last post had some fabulous Bernardo flip flops. Skip to Saturday, and I showed houses to a girl with the cutest shoes. She said they were Tarjay! So here is my cheaper Bernardo alternative if you have the hankering for cool summer shoes.
can't beat $14.99

also in black

mustard is cute too

LOVE the plum
another option, black patent thong
{for $14.99, maybe one of each!!}

March 29, 2010

what charles has been doing

Planting trees. Lots of them. He found a great deal on a ton of magnolias and holly trees. Saturday he got most of them in the ground. After lots of hard work, the land is starting to come together.

If we have another Y2K type scare, we will be able to hoard water. Check out our new {used} water tank below.

We'll have a fun summer of crusing the land, and watering the trees.
Oh, and Charles has been working at his day job too!

March 26, 2010


The warm weather has me in the mood for some new flops. Bernardo has always been a favorite. What do you think about some of these? The first ones are my favorite.




March 25, 2010


If you live within driving distance to Griffin, we are having a huge sale!

WHEN:: Saturday, March 27th 8am-12pm

{or when everything is sold!}

WHERE:: The Bailey-Tebault House

633 Meriwether Street . Griffin . Ga

WHAT:: 1st Annual Flea Market!

Here's what to do::

1. call or email me to set up a drop time if you would like to donate some things for us to sell

2. OR you can come host your own booth, and sell your wares~old or new!

3. And of course the last option is~come shop & hang out!

March 24, 2010

Duke's 27th birthday

Duke turned 27 on March 16th. I took some pictures to document this great day. He is such a great boy, and I am proud of how well he's doing.
L2R: May, Abraham, & Duke

Abe enjoyed a little roll.
Time for a drink.

He sticks his tongue out after he drinks, has done it for the 20 years we've been together.

Still gets around pretty good for an old man.

And to answer the question I always get when talking about Duke. Yes, 27 is old, really old for a Thoroughbred. Hence the excitement about his age. Abe is going to be 20 in May. He still seems like a 9 year old though.

March 22, 2010

new entryway chest

In my last post about Seaside Home, I told you all that I did buy one thing there. I have been searching for an entry way chest for at least a year. We didn't see this on my first visit to the store. Thankfully, I went back three times, and found it covered by a mirror. She was rearranging her new shipment. Anyway, what do you think? I am very excited about it!

{I need to lower the mirror a tad. it's on a pre-existing nail, & plaster walls are no fun}

{while I was taking pictures, figured I get the entire room}

{this starts the grand tour of our living room}

{maybe this spring we'll repaint the fireplace surround}

{remember my post here, the black chairs REALLY need to be painted}

{also, see my painting by the tv? origin of those here. i still want to lighten the colors a bit}

{i took these pictures with my new {used} camera, there was a ladder involved!}

{and remember this mirror before, here? what do you think of it now?}

{the picture below is the before shot of this same wall. i took out the top shelf of the stacked cabinet, so i could hang the mirror~another lucky pre-existing nail!}

That's all for our living room & partial dining room tour. Happy Monday!
I don't know if anyone really wants this info, but I'm going to list the source of some of our things.
1. aqua mirror~Simon's gifts in St. Simons
2. entry lamp~Roses in Griffin
3. aqua glass lamps~The Savvy Snoot in Atlanta
4. coral art above & ikea frames
5. sofa~abode 7 in Atlanta
6. sofa pillows~bohemian rapsody fabric from lewis & sheron
7. green club chair~Holberg's Furniture in Senoia
8. stripe pillows on sofa & chair~West Elm
9. coffee tables~Victoria Hagan for Target
10. seagrass rug~West Elm
11. garden stool~originally black, from Garden Ridge
12. coral linen pillows~fabric from Lewis & Sheron
13. dining room curtains~Pottery Barn
14. tv cabinet~Horizon Home in Atlanta


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