February 26, 2010

new land=new boots

Has anyone else had trouble getting a pair of Hunter Wellies for the past few months? Well, maybe it's just other size 9 gals like me. I wanted a pair for Christmas, but they have been sold out online. Finally, I had the great idea to check out ebay. Found these for a good deal. I know you are wondering, why didn't she get the original green? Well, I decided I wanted to be a little different, and also, these boots are made for walking in mud, so made sense to go brown.

The thing that really made me finally get these boots, was our new purchase. We recently bought some land in Griffin.
There is a creek on the property, as well as some low wet areas. Charles finally got me walking the property with my new boots!
And really, I should have bought some wellies along time ago. I mean, I've only been cleaning their rooms for 20+ years.....
They like the brown.
Have a great weekend!!


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