February 22, 2010

paint projects

I bought a mirror for a great deal last fall. Details and before picture here.

Sometimes I move a little slow, but I did some painting yesterday. The weather was so NICE here! I made a little painting spot in our basement, and tried to organize all the projects I have planned. Some are for us, and some are to sell at our booth.

So here's the first item. Do I keep or sell? Not sure yet. I really like it much better now!
This was during the process...
I also painted this magazine rack. It was black, now a light green.
This is my fabulous paint studio in our basement. Ha!
Last thing...I did another fabric covered corkboard with nailheads for the booth too.
Once I get our paint sprayer going, I hope to get much more painting done! I have a few pieces of furniture waiting for a transformation.


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