March 9, 2010

cute cottage for sale!

As you know, I don't normally post my listings that are for sale on this blog, but this one is an exception. This great home is located in a great area of south Griffin. Listed for $139,500.

It is a great example of a vacant home that shows well. There is always the debate on whether a home shows better vacant or furnished. My thought is, you can do either, really depends on the home.

A furnished home can look really good or really bad. As long as it complements the house, and isn't too cluttered. Sometimes a vacant home really shows the flaws...

This house is vacant, but the sellers really work hard to keep it looking great! The floors are flawless, and the yard is fabulous. A buyer can walk in this house, and not have to do a thing to move in. Really...
Can you see what I mean about the hardwoods?

Even if the kitchen colors aren't your taste, they at least complement the style of the home.
Dont' you want to move to Griffin, or buy this home if you already do? Listing info. here. Also, check out my real estate blog here.
Have a great weekend!


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