March 8, 2010

dog themed birthday...

I have found the best way to have a dog themed birthday party is to have a lot of dogs there!

For those who are not into dogs....this post may bore you.

Friday night was Savannah's 2nd birthday party!

She had a great time.
Friend, Lucy, was there...

Of course, big sis Sophie.


Savannah with Mark.

Shannon and Rowdy aka the Rowdy Doughties!
Sophie also wanted a bow. She really liked Savannah's stuffed horse. Thanks Doughties!

Dog bone people cookies {don't you love how they're next to a bag of snausages! thanks Taylors!}

Savannah is a lap dog...
Good pal Sammy came by for a quick visit.
Savannah and me.
Auntie Christine with the bday girl {thanks for the monkey!}
Sophie will be the big "11" in June. Maybe a summer dog party...Just thought of a theme, "the dog days of summer!"
I need to get a life. Happy Monday!


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