June 11, 2010

blogs of note

Sorry to those who are getting this post twice in your email! I accidentally posted before I was finished!

Today, I wanted to share some good Griffin & Atlanta based blog reads. I don't have a ton of fellow Griffin bloggers, so I wanted to add Atlanta blogs.

Yesterday, we did create a blog for the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society. From time to time, I post about events here on this blog. Now we have one designed specifically for keeping everyone up to date on events, and we have a place to post the pictures we get post event. If you are interested in keeping up, please subscribe by email or become a follower. GSHS blog

Of course some other good Griffin reads.

Pink is my Signature Color
Follow Sarah Beth through her adventures in life after college, and now in wedding planning for the next 8-9 months!

The Creative Resolution
Follow Kate as she ventures into the world of baking. Each week she posts new & fabulous cake, cupcake, & cookie designs!
Follow Natalie in her new adventures living life in the big city of Macon!
So, on to Atlanta blogs. Things that Inspire is a great place to see some of the fabulous older homes in Atlanta.
things that inspire blog

This Photographer's Life by Blayne Beacham. Blayne is a photographer, and posts many fabulous pictures. Many of which come from awe inspiring homes for sale in Atlanta. She is linked with Beacham & Co. Realtors in Atlanta, so you will see some great stuff! {She inspires me to get better with my photography skills when it comes to real estate!}
this photographer's life blog

I'm sure most of you have heard of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine. Well, they have a blog too.

atlanta homes & lifestyles blog

I just found Whitehaven today via This Photographer's Life. This blog is by 2 interior designers in Atlanta. Looks like some great stuff!
whitehaven blog
That's all for today. I'm sure there are so many I am leaving out! Have a great weekend!


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