June 20, 2010

Southern Living Idea House!

Extra, Extra! There is a Southern Living Idea house 30 miles from Griffin, Ga!!! Of course I had to venture over on opening weekend to see for myself.

Senoia is halfwalf between Newnan & Griffin. When Charles and I were dating, I lived in Newnan, and he lived in Griffin. There were many drives through this small town. About the only thing I ever did in Senoia was buy horse feed. There was a small feed store that carried my brand. Anyway, Senoia didn't have too much going on just a few years back. Slowly, but surely, the addition of new restaurants and antique shops starting increasing. Oh yeah, Holberg's Furniture store was already there, that is a great store.

If you can plan a day to visit the new Idea House, plan to spend a few hours in downtown Senoia. Word to the wise, go to the Idea House first. They may give you a coupon to use in the downtown shops and restaurants. Christine and I didn't know that....We ate, shopped, then went to the house. I would fear after touring the awesome digs, that one might overspend at the stores. The designer, Jamie McPherson, said he bought some of the decor and furniture from Senoia's stores to give the house that local flavor. We actually met Jamie, and he was so nice. Jamie owns Hearth & Home Interiors. He was also recently featured in Southern Living.

One of the best things about the Idea House, is the source room. We were able to sign up to have a conmplete source guide mailed to us, but until then, there were some vendors' information in the garage. Jamie used art by local artists throughout the house. The art was one of the things that caught my eye right off the bat. My favorite is Millie Gosch. Check out her fabulous oil paintings.
You can get more info on the Idea House here. There is also a new video Sneak Peek Here!
My pictures are below. They do not allow photos to be taken of the interior. You must go see for yourselves!

Great courtyard area! I would replace these statues with Whippet statues, but that's just me...

Needless to say, I highly recommend spending the 10 bucks to get in...


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