January 17, 2010

if you can't afford new art, make your own!

I think it was Christmas '06, Charles gave me a starter kit for acrylic painting, and 6 lessons. Sadly, I never booked the lessons, so I still have no idea how to paint with acrylics. I figure the teacher might not appreciate my calling her some 3 years later....

This is the kit. It's been sitting in my office closet. I pulled it out a few weeks ago. Working up the nerve to test it out.

I took art in high school, but that was awhile ago....

My first step was to mix my colors. Much harder than I thought to get them the way I wanted.

Oh yeah, I finally found a use for drycleaning bags. They make great drop cloths.

Hobby Lobby recently had all their art canvas on sale. I grabbed 2 of these. I think for $7 each.
Not to bad an investment.

I did a post on art that I like. Decided to use some of my favorites for inspiration. I wanted colors to blend with the living room. {And I just love aquas and greens}

The one on the right was the first one. Still working on the second.
Here are the finished products. I am happy with them.

I need to paint a gloss on them. Didn't have any on hand.

As of now, they are on the tv wall. We'll see if they stay there. It was fun painting, will do it again soon!

Have you painted your own art? I'd love to hear about it!


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