August 22, 2010

bar stools

A kitchen island is a wonderful thing. It's such a great way to mix in different styles into a kitchen.

via newlyweddiaries blog

I absolutely love this sleek kitchen and it's antique looking table that doubles as an island. In our new kitchen, we will not have a true island, but I will be on the lookout for a small version of this. Just large enough to tuck some stools under.

Suzanne Kassler

That is the reason for this post. Our new kitchen has off white cabinets, wood floors, and a grayish granite counter top. There are so many different styles of bar chairs, that I will have many options....

Phoebe Howard

When I think of "bar stools," I tend to picture a vinyl covered thing at a sports bar. But some of these pictures prove they can be very chic.

Charles has always liked Windsor Chairs, so I saved this picture above. I really like the small Windsor bar chair.

Found this one on Twenga. I think it's from the UK. I will have to keep looking for more affordable versions if we decide to go this route.



This kitchen above has been all over design blogs. What a nice sized island! In a smaller space these lucite stools are perfect!

stools from propsfortoday

via mstreetdenver blog

I like these mod stools mixed with a traditional space.

And here are some other great options I found.


Henriksdal from Ikea

home decorators

home decorators
And a few more good looking kitchens.

Shelley Gordon via House of Turquoise

Alys Beach

via things that inspire blog


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