August 10, 2010

great finds of the week!

Head on over to your local Big Lots because they might have some great stuff! On Sunday I found this cream garden stool. They retail for $139 at Ballard Designs. We found for $10 at Big Lots! Can you believe $10!!!!!

I went back yesterday, and all the cream ones are gone, so I got another blue one.
Then, I saw two of these cool lamps. Marked down to $40 from $130. They are large lamps. I don't like spending a lot of money on lamps, so I snatched these up.

I don't particularly like the flesh color, so I plan on painting the base. Probably white.
I do love the burlap shade!

Saw this at Shades of Light, thought it could look similar.
Also, this lamp in the background is a similar size and shape. From Things that Inspire Blog.

I guess it is the week of lamps. I found this small one at Roses the other day. $5! It is very small, but so cute! They did have a few others in a darker color brown.

Looks similar to this one from Shades of Light for much more money! Anyway, that is all for my great deals in Griffin!


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