August 3, 2010

textile tuesday!

It's been a long time since the last textile tuesday here on real estate style. The fact that we will be moving at some point, {our house is for sale} really gets my decorating juices flowing. I have tons of new inspiration photos saved that I will be sharing soon.

Lately, I have been liking the look of a casual, bright striped fabric. I even like a seersucker. What started this was my visit to Seaside Home in Saint Simons earlier this year. I fell in love with this swivel, rocker, club chair. It ROCKS! Literally & figuratively...

Here's a close up. Kind of puckered like a seersucker. Very light and cheerful.

So, it got me searching for seersucker striped fabrics online.

via warm biscuit

stella sunshine via p tree textiles

via layla grace

kaufman fabrics via amazon

F.L.N. Bleach 9 inch via Lewis & Sheron Fabrics

I absolutely love the striped feed sack looking fabric above. I took a trip to Lewis & Sheron the other day, and they have more colors. Maybe good for pillows at $45/yard.
Anyway, I will continue to post ideas for a new house. Now that the Comer Jones Cottage is complete with it's coastal aquas and greens, I plan to continue that theme in a new house as much as possible. {Mainly to keep using what we already have!} Another reason I tried to keep our house somewhat of a continuous theme is the size. I think for a small house, it's nice for it to flow, and not have rooms that are completely different. Maybe if we end up in a larger house, I can change it up a bit.


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