August 7, 2010

big life in a small town

So, the word is getting out. Charles and I have finally found a new house. I am still not going to share pictures on the blog until it's a done deal! It is very close to our current house. We are very excited, and at the same time, I am a bit overwhelmed when I think of decorating a larger space. Not because it won't be fun, but because the budget will be limited. I look around our house now, and forget there was a time that I didn't love every single thing. I must steps. Anyway, the first room in the new house that we will take on is the family room. This will be the only room that is properly done for awhile. :)

Needless to say, I have a folder on my computer with images saved specifically for this new house. Today, I wanted to share some family/living room pictures that get me thinking....

I remember this room below when it came out in Coastal Living. This really shows that a neutral room can still have a pop, or some pizazz! For our family room, I definitely want a large comfy sofa, and a pair of matching club chairs. {Preferably swivel rockers, we are going all out for comfort!}

coastal living via newlywed diaries blog

Not that I am thinking of painting our family room lavender, but I saved this for two reasons. One, for a sectional type sofa, this one is the best I've seen. Two, I kind of like the color palette of lavender, olive, and coral-maybe fun in a bedroom?

via Cottage Living

Another element of our soon to be family room is french doors. We will have two of them. I also have saved rooms to get ideas on window treatments, furniture arrangement, etc. I really like the shutter doors next to the fireplace.

via Cote de Texas blog {the Wheat's}

This room is really more an inspiration for a sunroom. But it also has a mix of different chair styles. It was pretty easy for me to get our current living room together. I didn't buy a living room set! Everything is a different style, and came from a different store. I want to create that same feel, but in a larger room I don't want to have too many different elements to clash. This is the main reason for my saved pictures-to figure out what type/style of furniture pieces to get. {Keep in mind we are mixing a lot of stuff we currently own, I am not starting from scratch in this room-thank goodness for our basement!}

via Colour me Happy blog

This room was featured recently in Coastal Living. It has a lot of elements I really like. Neutral walls, slight coastal theme, french doors, comfortable furniture that blends together well. The coffee table is very similar in size to one we have in the basement. Ours is also painted off white, but is a mix of wicker and bamboo. I love the fact that I can use it again. It really is a large square. And, it's painted so I can change the color as many times as I want! I also like the painted chair in the bottom left corner of the picture. I still have my 2 black rattan chairs, that I still desperately want to paint! At least now I can justify waiting to see where they end up. Maybe in my office...

Waterleaf via Coastal Living

In the following room, I love the bamboo shades mixed with neutral curtains. I am also planning on a seagrass rug. The two club chairs look like some swivel gliders I am considering for the room.
house of turquoise

I like the neutral palette in this one with the pops of color. I am not into red, but would consider coral. This aqua armoire is my favorite piece in the room. Luckily, I have already have some aqua accents, so I am definitely planning on that being in the color scheme.
domicile via simply seleta

In this room, I like the 2 large ottomans covered in a bold fabric. Looks good, and offers extra seating.
via decorpad

More neutral. I like this room, but need more color. I think I saved this one because I love the sofa. Definitely into the linen slip covered look.
via decorpad

This room has been a favorite for a LONG time.
via decorpad
For a minute, we considered having two sofas that match. After much discussion, and measuring, I don't think this will work. Back to sofa and chairs...
via decorpad

Here's a nice room showing tons of seating. I might be heading in this direction-sofa, matching chairs, and a third mismatched chair and ottoman. Yep, I think this room is going to be my formula. Not my colors, but again, looking at the elements. Furniture, french doors, fireplace, layout, etc.
via morning t

This is just crazy, but fun.
mary mcdonald via odi et amo

This one is a bit more county, but I like the mix of colors and painted furniture.
lisa teague via house of turquoise
Another from Cote de Texas. I believe this is a room that Joni helped a client decorate.
via cote de texas

i featured this "riad" fabric awhile back on a textile tuesday. I LOVE LOVE it. Bamboo shades and neutral curtains, check.
via cote de texas

Another room helping me figure out furniture.
via things that inspire
Oh how I wish I had wood plank walls!
southern living
We are not going to have anything like this! I saved this picture for the fabrics and colors. Our current living room is aqua and green. I am leaning toward just the aqua and neutrals in the new family room. Will still work in plenty of green in the rest of the house I am sure.
southern living

Bamboo blinds, curtains, neutral creamy walls {our new walls are already similar to this}
Love the chaise lounge, and have finally figured out that console table is called a "gothic bread table." I need one of those! If you run across one under a grand, give me a shout!
via simply seleta

Good colors, twin club chairs, and seagrass. check, check, check.
via simply seleta

That is all from the vault at this time. As you can tell I will try to turn this old house into a middle Georgia coastal home! I like to call our current home a cottage, so the new one might be called the farmhouse. I'll explain later....
Have a good weekend! I am off to buy a truckload of hay for the boys!


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