September 26, 2010

hanging tough

That's what I renamed the New Kids on the Block song, "Hangin' Tough" today.

This is what our formal living room looked like this morning. Pictures not hung, lamps on floor, and boxes of books hidden behind the chair.
This room has the furniture that was in our living room on Bieze Street. We were lucky with the paint color. It really does match perfectly!
My first task was to hang the coral prints. I have been avoiding this. Hanging a grouping of pictures takes patience, and a measuring tape. I love to eyeball things.
I laid the frames on the floor to get an idea of the spacing I wanted.

These prints are from Got them about two years ago.
Sidenote-bookcase is finally full of old law books. I am glad the old book trend is hot right now.

Next, I taped paper on the wall for the measuring to begin.

The great thing about these frames, is the movable wire. You can adjust very easily if your nails aren't perfectly level.
Frames were from IKEA a few years back.
I didn't like how low I hung the bottom pictures. See the one on the bottom right. All I had to do was adjust the wire, and I was set!
The big reveal.
Here's a view of the room a few hours later. The coffee tables are acting as temporary side tables for now. We brought in another one of our coffee tables. {I washed the pillow covers on the sofa}
The Martha Washington chair on the right is from an estate sale. I need to get it recovered, so I'm testing out this Kelly Wearstler Faux Imperial Trellis fabric.

Then it was to other rooms. This is our breakfast room below. Hung a few things here. I am planning to repaint this room a light, neutral color when we do the family room.

After the breakfast room, came the master bedroom. I am so happy that our master bedroom was already painted a color that's basically the same as our old house. We have a fireplace, and two built in bookcases. I found a spot for the leftover law books that wouldn't fit up front.
I hung our egg prints over the mantle. They are a tad small, but at least they're up! Maybe I'll add more.
Last but not least is my office. This room is opposite the foyer from the formal living room. It has a LONG way to go, but I hung my old Whippet print until I figure out what direction this room is going.
It was a productive Sunday, and in case you're wondering-we have 7 fireplaces, so I will need more art!!


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