September 21, 2010

some house pics

First, you must see another Whippet picture. Savannah's lip gets stuck, and her fangs hang out. We think it's pretty funny.
I will admit, it's been tough to find time for blogging. With our old house sold, we have finally had a chance to relax and enjoy the new place. For a few minutes here and there.

This past weekend we had our first house guests. Everything went great, and we can't wait to have more! Since the upstairs was clean, and decently organized, I thought I would show a bedroom.

I call this guest bedroom 1. It's upstairs in the original, front part of the house. We think the house was built around 1850, and at that time would have only had 2 bedrooms upstairs.

This room has lots of character with the sloping ceilings, and fireplace. We have seven fireplaces now. If anyone has any suggestions on where to buy cheap {and good looking} firescreens let me know!

The wallpaper in this room is a very small and light aqua floral print. We had the previous seller leave the carpet since it was cut for the room. For the record I would like to state that the upstairs is going to be the last domain when it comes to redecorating. If I didn't start showing you pictures as is, you might never see them!

The curtains were also already here. I took down a floral valance, and left the panels. They are a small stripe. This house was full of traversing {sp} curtain rods. I am becoming a huge fan of these! It's so easy to open and close the curtains! This house isn't full of blinds, so the curtains were functional. I do not intend to put up blinds either. Since we are pretty private up here, I like having the windows open for light and the view.
So, we already had all the furniture that is in this room. The only purchase was the $9 pillow from American Mills. It has a bird to tie in with the bird tiles on the fireplace. That's all for now. I again apologize for the slow posting. I am working on revamping the blog as far as look and design. We also have a new business idea in the pipeline. I promise to post details when I am a little further in!


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