September 9, 2010

first project-complete!

Get ready to be amazed!
Well, not really. It's just a little before and after of our new laundry room aka closet.
Our laundry was located in the basement of our old house. I had tons of space! Now, we have a small closet off of the kitchen.

I hate to complain since it's in a convenient locale. The new laundry closet also has some cabinets. I decided to remove the cab doors. This should allow easier access to everything. I decided in the process to throw a coat of paint on everything. I used bright white paint we already had, the olive color on our old interior doors, and Ben Moore's Palladian Blue {half formula} from our old master bedroom.

If I am going to spend countless hours with my head in this area, why not have a nicer view?
The shelves were painted olive, because I figured they would wear better over time than if they were white.

Now our paper towels and mismatched dog towels are very handy. I also took an idea from my mom. She keeps flower vases in her laundry room cabinets. This freed up some space in the new pantry. That's another project. Needs paint, new shelving, etc.
I know this first project isn't that exciting, but I figured if it wasn't done before moving in, that it never would happen!

Totally off topic. How cute is this? The best house warming gift ever! Thanks D & M!


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