September 8, 2010

we've moved!

This was the old house during the packing process. It's amazing how many boxes we used.

Every now and then, we would have to take a break.

While the movers where loading the truck, the girls and I took some stuff to the new house. Pillows, bedding, etc.
They liked the sea of softness.
Once we were moved, the work began.
We replaced the front portion of the roof. They are almost finished.
The picture above, was the before picture.
We also changed/added some fencing in the backyard.
Lots of gates.

Sophie is a big fan of St. Augustine grass.

Savannah is a fan of our larger yard.
I just got internet yesteryday. It has been crazy not having access. We really are settled in pretty good. Now I have to work on my office. Stay with me, just a little more time, and I will get back into blogger mode!


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