September 23, 2010

home office

One of the great things about our new house is my office. It is one of the large, front, formal living rooms. Now if a client needs to meet me here, they can come in the front door or the porte cochere side door. They won't have to walk through the entire house like my last one.

The bad thing about this is, my office is one of the first rooms seen when entering our house. I have kind of been ignoring it until now. This is the only room that still has unpacked boxes. Yikes!! My newest design dilemma is how to make my home office look more like a formal living space. When I say formal, I don't really mean formal....maybe "stylish living space?"

This is my old office below. Loved it. Fun, bright, and functional.

It is a bad picture, but the large white desk isn't working for me now. I'm thinking more along the lines of a smaller desk, and a non-rolling chair. Kind of like this one below.

*Call me if you want to buy a large white desk :)
{Has a file drawer on the left, a center drawer, and two drawers on the right.}

image via cottage living

This picture is my new all time favorite for an office look! Erika of Urban Grace is the designer, and it was featured in Southern Living a few months back.
This has me thinking of stylish storage solutions. Let me know if you see any painted secretaries for sale like this! I also think the idea of a skirted table might work. Maybe my desk could be skirted, or possibly a table that could cover my printer, and all that boring office equipment.

So now for some great options. They all come from Wisteria.
tall gray bookcase

light wood cupboard

Maybe a Louis chair for my desk.

Love the french settee.
I am picturing a french country flair for this room.

french colonial chair

french directoire

LOVE this one. french country breakfront

gothic style cupboard

dutch breakfront
Did I tell you I am now a registered buyer at the Mart? Big things in the pipeline...Promise to share more soon!


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