December 18, 2009

alys beach

Yesterday, Erika at urban grace mentioned Alys Beach in her post. I clicked to check it out. They have some cool courtyard houses for sale. Scrolling through, I saved a few pictures. I like the trim and door color in this first one. Saved in my paint colors file.
Recently, I rearranged our master bedroom. We need a new nightstand for Charles. I am liking the idea of a small desk with a chair.
Also really like a skirted console style table like this. {Love this bedroom}
And then there are some great new kitchens. I am always saving good ones. One day we might be building or renovating a house so will need them! The color of the cabinets, backsplash, floor, & the bar chairs are all great. {I considered doing similar floors in our new bathroom, although I am happy with what we chose, I would like to do this in another house}
Different kitchen, but better view of the floors. I like the brick pattern.
All of these pictures came from various houses listed for sale on the Alys Beach site. Check it out, there are some good ones. Also really cool courtyards and pools.


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