December 4, 2009

{Part 1} southeast ga house tour

This is the Griffin~Perry~Saint Simons Island leg of our Thanksgiving trip. It is also backwards. I need Charles to help me get the towns straight.

We are looking for historic inspiration in case we ever build a house one day...

There are bits & pieces of each of these houses that are interesting. I have also realized that many historical houses in SE Ga are painted white. Many of them are simple, & one story. That's what we're liking at the moment.

There will be pics from Sea Island & Albany to come....

Sophie loves a good road trip.

Charles really likes a brick Tudor style.

Photo below is in McRay. I think this is our favorite. We really like a metal roof!

This was Savannah's first road trip. I think she had fun. She really likes to stay awake, and watch where we're headed!

The following pics are from Perry.

I'm a fan of dormer windows~especially shed dormers

{Please excuse my poor picture taking. We were driving. Didn't want to stop & get out to take pics. Thought we would look weird!


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