December 30, 2009

a little more Christmas decor

Before the Christmas season is officially over, I thought I'd post a few pictures of our Christmas decor. We do not have tons of Christmas up since our house is small.

You may remember my handmade burlap stockings for the girls from here.

Reindeer from American Mills outlet.
I was pleased with our tree. We searched for a slender tree. I admit, I never put a star on top. It had weird branches. I do want to find more starfish for next year. These were 2 I had, and hot glued ribbon on. White mattelasse tree skirt with green velvet border is from Ballards Back Room. I bought it this summer for a steal.
Since our tree was green and aqua, I needed a place to put my old horse ornaments. I put up this little tree in my office.
The butterfly ornaments were from the Dollar Tree last year. I was hoping they would have them again so I could buy more blue. They didn't...
This is not Christmas decor, but new decor in general. Remember when I first spotted this mirror here.
I love it. Looks great with our fabrics in the living room.
Still need to find a cool chest/table to go under it.
That should be it for Christmas posts! Need to focus on the new year!


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