December 29, 2009

our Christmas

Here are some of our pictures from Christmas day.

This was Savannah's first Christmas with us. I think she had fun.

Opening their treats and Christmas lobsters.

Sophie got a red one, and Savannah got a green one. {The green one is already missing a leg}
After Christmas morning and lunch with Terry and Murelene. On the way to Americus.

Delaney {my niece} got a new barbie ride. She's a pretty good driver.
Sophie and Savannah hanging with their dad.

The tree.

Present time. This is Sarah Beth and mom in the background.
L2R:: Lauren aka Yah Yah, Charles, Mom, and Sarah Beth

Sophie got tired of all the commotion, but she didn't want to miss out.
Mom and her new zebra top.
Charles will be doing some serious cooking.
Kim, Davis, & Brandon aka Bubbie
Dad in the background. Gifts are good!
Yah Yah and Charles.
Kim, Mom, & me
Sophie again with Savannah just passin' through.
Christmas night. The Beatles made an appearance. We are a talented bunch.
Dad, Charles on drums, Mom, Bubs on guitar, and Yah on vocals.
Sarah Beth, Yah, Davis on drums, Andrew on guitar, and Delaney on vocals.

I didn't know Rockband was so much fun. Can't wait until next time! Hope you all had a great time over the holidays. Now on to new year's eve!


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