December 28, 2009

{Americus, Ga} The Maze

The day after Christmas, we did some shopping in downtown Americus. Americus is my hometown, and it is always fun to visit. One of the main attractions is the Windsor Hotel. The Windsor is a victorian hotel built in 1892. Around 1993, the grand hotel was restored. I remember wearing a t-shirt as a kid that said "I'm behind the Windsor." There are shops on the street level. If you decide to explore south Ga, this is the place to stay.

Back to the shopping. Very close to the Windsor is The Maze. The Maze is a store with different vendors similar to the Antique Griffin here in Griffin {where my booth is located.} The Maze has been around for awhile, but this was my first visit. It is located in the old Sheffield Hardware building. When I was younger it was a furniture store. I remembered the great brick floors on the lower level. Saturday, I didn't take any pictures, so these are all from The Maze Facebook page. You will find more there.

Tons of space, they have all different types of vendors. From furniture, clothes, jewelry, and more.

I am so proud of Americus for having such a cool store. I will be back.

I searched for a price tag on this aqua book shelf....I don't think it is for sale.

Want to see what I got?

Love my Hermes scarf....not really, just an orange scarf for $12. Lucky for me, I found someone willing to model.

To add to my coastal obsession, bought this little guy. I love these starfish, I only had the smaller white ones.
Charles didn't really understand my buying this little crate, but I like it.

It already has a home. {Lower right side of cabinet}
More Christmas to come...


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