November 11, 2009

abstract art

I guess I have really always loved color. As a kid, I would draw/color in my grandmother's back den. She always had great markers. Remember how great new markers were when you were young? Anyway, I liked drawing things that required lots of pretty colors. Maybe I should have stuck with it. I did take an art class in high school, but never did much after that. It wasn't until recently {2 or 3 years} that I have started to like/appreciate art again. Our friends, Celia & Calvin, have a great house in Atlanta. The first time I visited, I was struck by an oil painting with beautiful colors. Their friend, Winston Wiant , was the artist. I don't have a picture of their exact painting, but I think this one is similar. It's listed for sale on her site. It really would look great at our house..... Since our house is mainly done in blues, greens, and aquas, you will notice a certain color theme to the paintings I am drawn to.

*Winston Fine Art Trees 40 x 40

I found this one on ebay. I think it's very small, but love the colors, and I love chunky oils.

Elements of Style
{I searched, but couldn't find the post Erin did about making her own painting. It's on there somewhere. She made this herself...pretty cool}

This picture came from style court.
I like the artwork on the left, over the chest.

low country marsh oil painting
{source unknown}

This pic is from the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine
via things that inspire
Love the simplicity of the blue and green.
Would look fab in our living room.

clockworkchild on Etsy

This pic has been around blog town. Image from Southern Accents
via Cote de Texas

This one really is tiny at 3"x 3". I could use it a tad larger, maybe 40" x 40"? Anyway, this one is from arkdesign on Etsy.
Maybe this one could be a do-it-yourselfer {sp}

Love the piece on the left in this room I found on chic coles

Really liked this one. Even though it's not my usual green and blue. Found it on style court and it's by Sally Benedict an artist in Charleston.

Another by Sally Benedict.

While on the subject of abstract art, I must mention Charles' old friend, Herb Creecy. Herb passed away in 2003, but had become great friends with my husband, Charles, in the few years before his death. Herb was an accomplished southern abstract artist. I can't even begin to give him the credit he deserves, so here are a few links. here & here



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