January 4, 2010

first project of the year

2010 couldn't get too far in before I started another painting project. All of the interior doors in our house are painted black. Since 2009 was the year of my phasing out black, I finally chose a new color for the doors.

Recently, I have been noticing an olive/gray/taupe color on interior doors and trim. It was hard to choose a color, but I am happy with the results.

Here are a few pictures that helped me in finalizing my plan.

This first one is the Brick House from Cote de Texas. This entire house is great. I am a HUGE fan of brick floors.
This is from a post I did on Alys Beach recently. I decided to keep our trim bright white, and just paint the doors.
This is the before.
Home Depot has the small custom color testers for about $3-$4. I bought two. The colors weren't right, I needed something in the middle.

Charles had the bright suggestion to mix the two.

This is our new custom color. In high gloss. {It's still not very glossy!}

Results....I am so pleased. I think the doors really lighten things up, and go with the overall color scheme with out being too matchy.
This is the mud room. Gets tons of sunlight, so the door color seems brighter.

Our bedroom door.

I still have many more doors to go. I will post more pictures as they are finished. Happy New Year, and have a great Monday! Back to reality!


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