October 5, 2009

The Celebration Gala

This post really is for my Griffin readership. {Since I have so many!} We are getting closer to our huge fundraiser at the Griffin Spalding Historical Society. The Celebration Gala is October 24th. The historical society has been lucky to have a fabulous fundraiser chair, Katie Inglis. She has put in so much time and energy into creating an event that will both make our group money, and be a super fun night! You may have noticed a few weeks back when I posted about our Low Country Boil. The reason I post about our parties is because I am the 2009 president. It has been so much fun being on the board these past 3 years! Everyone on our board is so great, and helps to make each event a success! If you are in the area, and are interested in our big event, check out the invitation, and the rsvp info. below. My other little hobby I have found is invitation design. I do most of the invites for our events. Now the big question, what am I going to wear.....


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