October 29, 2009

DIY:: pumpkin flower arrangements

Tuesday night was Garden Club. It was my third time, so I think I am officially in. It's a good year to do it, because my great friend, Shannon, is the pres! Anyway, I am not really a flower/plant person. I love them, but just don't have the knack for arranging, etc.

We did create cute pumpkin arrangements. Christine and I found our peachy colored pumpkins at Ingles grocery store. We thought it would be fun to go a little different. The first step is to cut out the top, and clean out the inside like you are preparing to carve. At Garden Club, Shannon and Kate brought fresh cut flowers from the grocery store for each of us to pick and choose. They also got the greenery from Kate's yard.

Here's mine. Like I said, not a natural at flower arranging. It's still pretty cute though. Wasn't sure where to put it, so I plopped it in this huge bowl on our dining room table.

You'll notice the 2 small pumpkins. This is about as far as my halloween/fall decor goes folks. It's sad... I will make up for it at Christmas time.

This one is Christines's. I like the brighter colors in hers.

We did poke a little fun at how long she took to carefully arrange hers, but it paid off.
Love it!
I wish I had pictures of the others. Some of the girls used the smaller pie pumpkins, and they were super cute.

I lied. I do have one more piece of halloween/fall decor. Sunday I painted a pumpkin at the UGA Scarecrows in the Garden event. The pumpkin painting station was really for kids, but there was an opening. You will see that my artistic ablility really is in painting. I may take this gig on the road....

Don't you see the resemblence?


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