September 15, 2009

even more Kmart finds!

I almost forgot about these. My post on Friday had the Country Living line of furniture at Kmart, but I also found some other deals. For months, I have been on the hunt for a very affordable upholstered headboard. I would really like to have a fully upholstered bed. Since I am into nailheads, I would love this one featured in this month's House Beautiful.
{I am working on transforming an existing headboard into an upholstered looking one, will post more on that later}

This one from Kmart could be a good economical version.
Tufted High Arch $545
I also like the squared off version.
Tufted $469

This one is a nice compromise between the high arch and the square. $445

I hope you all don't think I am obsessed with Kmart. All of these finds were very surprising to me. I am inteterested to know if any of the actual stores carry this stuff. Let me know if you see their new furniture in person, and how it looks!
I will be leaving town tomorrow, so may have to take a blogging break until next Monday. We will be in Saint Simons Island, so should have more house/real estate pictures to post.


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