November 23, 2009

town of lost rabbit

I have new homes on the brain. This weekend, I flipped through tons of old magazines, and found nothing very inspiring in the way of exterior design. A year or so ago, I ran across this site for the Town of Lost Rabbit. Lost Rabbit is a mixed use community located in Madison County, Mississippi. Remembering the site, and one of the architects, I checked it out again. This picture below is one of the model homes.

I really hope to have a large, bright, and open kitchen one day.

I love the ceiling in this room, and the open connection to the kitchen.

This would be a perfect work space.

This is a home that is currently listed for sale.
You can see the listing here.
I don't know if this style fits in with Griffin, but I really like it!

My house hunt is specifically for old looking new homes. You all know that I love serenbe so much. Since we aren't moving to serenbe anytime soon, maybe we can build a serenbe style house one day.
Hope you all are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I don't have any Thanksgiving post ideas since we are neither having folks over or decorating for it. We will be on the road from Tuesday to Saturday. This may end up being a slow week for the old blog.
Have a great Monday!


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