November 1, 2009

new shop!

I am so excited! This is my newest logo, and this is what it's for.
The Antique Griffin is a store that has booths owned by different sellers. All things ranging from antiques to home decor and other trinkets. Charles and I have always loved shopping there. The inventory is always changing. My friend, Kay, has had a booth there for awhile. She was ready to upgrade to a larger space, and asked if I wanted to split it. Of course! My dreams of owning a retail shop start here...
I got the website below, but for now have it link to this blog. I will be posting new items that I'll be putting in the shop. Today, Charles helped me take some things to get it started. Since I love all things logo, I had to create one for my new little shop. S. Lane comes from my dogs names. I am a little dog crazy as you can tell with the Whippet silhouettes.


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