September 21, 2009

my new favorite store!

I have been on a little blogging break. It all started with our trip to St. Simons this past weekend. We had a great time relaxing, and eating good seafood. There was a little stress mixed in. One of our dogs is having some medical issues, so I have been a little preoccupied. We spent a lot of our weekend trying to nurse her back to health. I think she is secretly enjoying being carried around, and being handfed. Anyway, I thought I would blog tonight since tomorrow is a stressful day at the vet in Atlanta. That is, if the massive flooding will cease. It sounds like Atlanta is having a rough time tonight. Enough depressing news.
While at the beach I found my new favorite home store. I saw an ad that was so cute in one of the local magazies down there. It is called Dutchmans Designs, and it is located in the village. Despite my current spending freeze, my mom and I went to check it out. It was everything and more than I expected! This store has a great mix of different furniture styles. There is a huge coastal influence in the accessories. Also, tons of painted furniture. Again, I LOVED everything there. I only took two pictures of distressed paint, so I thought I would post some from their website.
They had this sofa in the store. I noticed the "please do not sit on the furniture" sign as I was standing up from this sofa...
I believe they had this chair, and also a matching loveseat in a darker mocha brown linen. I wanted to throw it in the back of my truck and head north.

As I mentioned, tons of painted furniture. Also, lots of cabinets with glass panes. This makes me proud of my tv cabinet purchase earlier this year for our living room. It is similar, but lower and longer. I plan to post pics of my living room one of these days.

Saw a cute headboard.

Oh, and on the website, they have many different furniture collections. Most of my favorite pieces are from the Cottage Collection. This dresser below is from the Provence Collection. That must be why it reminds me of something from Wisteria

I do not like this chair in this red, but I think it is one of the chairs I took a close up picture of.

Just an arm shot. I really like the paint. It was greyish with white.

After we left the store, and were walking by later on, I snapped this pic with my camera phone. It was right by the entrance. Again, love the paint color.
I have an old dresser that is calling out to be painted like this.

After leaving a place where I wanted one of everything, we went next door to an antique store. I am horrible at blogging, because I can't remember the name. I think it is St. Simons Antique Gallery and Gifts? In case you are there, it is located in the village next to Dutchmans.
This might have been my second favorite store. Saw another glass paned cabinet that looked exactly like mine, except that it was painted black. This store also had great coastal decor accessories. I guess it pays to shop at the beach if you are into coastal decor like me!
I grabbed a pic of this mirror. They had a grey one too. When I saw this teal/turquoise one I almost died. Maybe one day it will join our little living room....


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