April 30, 2010

Day before Derby!

Derby time is always an exciting time of year! As a life-long horse enthusiast, it's fun to see non-horse folks get excited about horses and horse racing. Also, it's a time where horses and decor MUST go together, so it's a win win situation for me!

There will be 20 contenders running in the race tomorrow. I do not think there is a favorite picked to win, so I picked the best looking. Below is Paddy O'Prado. This is a good looking horse.
This is Super Saver. He will be ridden by jocky, Calvin Borel. Calvin won last year's Derby on Mine That Bird. It was quite an emotional win for him. We'll see how Calvin & Super Saver do!

What is the most important thing besides the horses....Hats!
I have a new black hat. Still need to decorate it, so here are some good inspiring pictures.

I will be wearing a new white dress, so these looks really work! All I need is some new ribbon and faux flowers.

I'll show you the final result when complete.

Today and tomorrow we will begin decorating the Bailey-Tebault house for our party tomorrow.

You know the Griffin Historical Society will be having the best Derby party in town! Come join us if you can. We will have some fabulous food, and this year official Kentucky Derby souvenir cups!
Party pics to follow next week. Hope everyone has a great Derby Day!


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