April 22, 2010

gallery walls

In my last post I told you about our new bench. This picture doesn't show the huge wall space above it. As soon as the bench was in place, I began racking my brain for art ideas.

Then, I realized this gallery wall look would be perfecto!

{via things that inspire}

{via susanne kassler decorpad}

But how do I do this affordably? Similar botonical prints can run around $50-60 each!

{via decorpad}

I have done this once before on a budget. This is our mantel below. The coral prints were around $9.99 from art.com, and the frames are ikea. I think they were $10-15. Not too bad for 4 prints.
However, I need to do at least 6 prints. There are so many other things I need to be spending money on for our bedroom, so still don't want to go the art.com and ikea route.

{via decorpad}

{via decorpad}

Then, it hit me. I found some of these vintage egg prints online. THEY ARE FREE! All you need is a computer and a printer. You can see more vintage prints here!
I have been liking the vintage egg prints. You see them at Scott's or around the blogosphere. The colors really work with our bedroom wall colors and fabrics.
So, with my free art, I went on the hunt for el' cheapo frames. Found some. Will post pictures once my wall is complete. I have a few hung, and will finish this weekend.
We are getting closer to a master bedroom reveal! You can see some progress pics here.


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