April 20, 2010

the napping bench...

This was a stop on our same north GA weekend trip that was in my previous post. I'll admit, there's not a lot to do in Young Harris. It is a college town {has a college in it}, but does not remind me of the college town I know and love {Athens,GA}.

Lucky for me, Charles doesn't mind going into antique stores. He prefers to browse, whereas I prefer to buy.

This place didn't look like much, but it turned out to be larger than we thought.
Different vendors similar to the Antique Griffin. This booth below had painted furniture.
I carried this table runner around with me for awhile. It is terrible picture, remember no camera, just phone pics. Anyway, it is a muslin/linen type fabric. The pleats on the ends got me....After much measuring and discussion, we decided it was too long for our table. {And I really think the color was wrong}. Maybe this will be a project one day. Break out the old sewing machine from hibernation.
LOVED this bench! Just no place for it.
We did come to terms on another bench.
I never thought we'd agree on an old church pew.
Just the other day, I thought we needed a bench in our bedroom. Charles said this was a good idea. Growing up, we always had furniture that was not large and slouchy. I would tell my mom that I couldn't wait to have big comfy pieces of furniture. Now I am married to someone who goes with the belief of "less is more." When we got it in the room, I told him I was going to take a nap on it. Then Savannah actually jumped up there with me. {I didn't take a nap on the pew}
As I am typing, I am thinking of all the people I have seen napping in church on Sunday mornings. Maybe this thing really is good for a quick nap....

I still have to decide what type of pillows to accent. Maybe one large seat cushion with a monogram in the center? I don't want too many throw pillows, since the seat isn't very deep.

The pillow is the one that stays on our bed, just on the bench to get ideas. I don't mind the paint finish, but that doesn't mean this thing still won't get painted...
I still have a few things to do before I post a final reveal of our master bedroom. It has come a LONG way. New paint, headboard, and now a new bench.


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