April 4, 2010

Serenbe {part 1}

I am calling this post "part 1" even though it's really the later part of our day. Charles and I have been to Serenbe so many times, but this trip we actually parked, and walked around. Because of that, I have 1000 pictures. I have decided to break this into two posts.

These pictures are from the newest section of Serenbe. It is located behind the stables. Not sure if all, or only a portion is named "The Nest."

Sophie and Savannah went with us. We did walk the first part of Serenbe, but hit this area on the way out. Savannah loves catching some cool breezes.
Looks like there's going to be a mod influence in this area. Not my taste, but cool. This house is on a lake.

I think this part is actually "The Nest."

More cottage inspired homes. Smaller footprints. I get so much inspiration from here. Love the new "old" look.
Love this house.
On our way back to Griffin, we stopped in Senoia. Did you know Senoia is going to be the home of a Southern Living Idea House?

Finally went into Twist on Main. Great shop. You will see my purchase tomorrow.

A view above of Senoia.

And this house above. Isn't it great. Looks kind of like a Serenbe house, but it isn't. It's an older home in Senoia. Love the tin roof and pale yellow door.


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