January 13, 2010

the easiest pillow!

Our slow master bedroom transformation is beginning to happen. This past weekend, I made my first table skirt. I will post how I did it soon. Then, yesterday, I finally made my ikat pillow for our bed. This fabric is marrakesh cobblestone. It came from PJ's in Albany, sorry I do not know who makes it! This first picture, from Southern Living was the inspiration for my pillow.

This was the easiest pillow I have ever made. I didn't have to make an exact size for an insert. Also, I didn't mind the square corners. Once I decided on where to cut the fabric, I folded it over, then sewed it up {leaving room to put in the stuffing}.
You will notice the paint sample taped on the wall. {It is Palladian Blue by Ben Moore, if I use it, I will do the half formula to make it lighter} This is a great Benjamin Moore sample for about $3. Saves the hassle of painting samples on your walls. I bought mine at our local Ace Hardware in Griffin.

I am trying to decide what way to go on curtains. Currently, some cheap muslin is pinned up. I really like Pottery Barn's Peyton drapes. They have this nice oatmeal or
possibly the french ivory. I have ordered samples. The walls really need to be painted before I can decide.

Another pic from my file. This is from i suwannee. This bedroom is similar to ours since we have a single window behind the bed. I would like to hang curtains a little wide like these.
So, the pillow making all started with this.
And a bag and half of this.
A little of this...
Here's the picture again. {The new bedskirt on the left is also made from cheap muslin fabric from Hobby Lobby}
Luckily, it's the right size for a Whippet to lean on. That's the most important thing.
More to come on the master bedroom!


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