January 26, 2010

{antique auctions} my new obsession

Saturday was my very first antique auction. It was so much fun!! I thought we'd go early, get bored, and be home early afternoon. Well, we stayed til the bitter end. I couldn't leave. Might miss a deal. There were some great deals to be had. Honestly, I was amazed.

These first few pics are from my phone~sorry for the poor quality!
Rug city...
Lots of large pieces. Dressers, secretary's, hutches, sideboards. you name it.
One of my purchases. A chippendale mirror. To paint or not to paint, that is my question??

Super excited about my Shield dining chair~I have been wanting one of these!

Early Empire Game Table. I loved the beaded edge and the wood.

Just needs a little work, then off to the booth to be sold!

Love the base too.

You would die if I told you what I bought this chair for. So I won't :) Just needs a little paint, and new fabric.

I'm not sure if this puppy is going to the booth, or staying with us.

Last, but definitely not least, the wood grain bucket.

There were only 2 like this. I lost the first one, went too high. This one made it home with me. Def not going to the booth. Might be a good toy box for Savannah.

It's really amazing how your heart races when you start bidding. It goes so fast.

If you live in Georgia, and hear of any good antique auctions, let me know. I'm in!


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