January 3, 2010

it's complicated

Last night we went to see the movie, It's Complicated. It was not a particularly good movie, but the main house was awesome!!! Some other design blogs have already posted pictures on this, but I am posting since I finally saw it.
Meryl Streep is the main character. This is her spanish style home. It is located in a beautiful setting. You really want to live there.
The interior of the house is very casual, which I like.

via Remodelista

I love the open shelving, and the huge island with marble. What a great place to hang out!

The kitchen is open to the dining area and the living room. I wish there was a list of colors, and items used in the movie.

To me, this creamy color of the shelving reminds me of Ben Moore's Camouflage & Abingdon Putty.. I learned about theses colors from Erika @ Urban Grace. Her office has a similar look to this.

The coffee table was fabulous, wish there was a better picture. All of her furniture was great. There was a huge distressed cabinet with her tv. If I find more pics, I will definitely post them!
Her hallway.

Master bedroom.

The Bakery {Meryl's business in the movie}
Wish I could find more pictures. It was really cool.
I can't really recommend the movie, except maybe to see the house! Or you could wait to see it on dvd! It was a fun night though. Everywhere I turn, new inspiration for our house!


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