September 28, 2009

Our House Renovation:: the kitchen

I guess I should have started this blog a long time ago. We actually began the long process of renovating our home in 2006. Right after Charles and I got engaged, we knocked out the wall between the dining room and the kitchen. At that time, it was Charles' batchelor pad. Sorry these pics aren't really in chronological order.

The house had old plaster ceilings with pieces falling down. We put new sheetrock up in the kitchen, dining, & living room.
The lovely cabinets & stove.
I don't have the actual before picture of the wall, but this is right after we started the demo process.

This is the view looking from the dining room into the kitchen. You can see where the wall and door were. The kitchen seemed very small and cramped, and we rarely spent time in there, or in the dining room.
{You can see the old ceiling below}
We ripped out ALL of the trim, and had it replaced. Pulled up the old linoleum floor to find wood subfloor. We painted that.

New range!!
I painted the cabinets.

New fridge!!

This is the mud room. Used to be a porch with a screen door.
We decided to take down the dividing door, to open this space up into the kitchen. This is where our dogs eat, and keep their leashes, brushes, blankets, etc.
Still pre-trim, but floor is painted blue.

This was the floor after pulling up the linoleum. Charles had to sand them.

Another view of the mudroom. We replaced the screen door with this one from our wonderful neighbor, Jeff. Perfect for the pet door!

Now, here are some after shots. This is our rug from Ballard's Back Room in Atlanta.

Much better! We are very happy with our kitchen, and spend a lot of time in here, and sitting at the dining room table.{usually watching the small tv on the bottom left}

Wall color:: Glidden Ruffled Feathers
Trim:: Behr Glossy Bright White
Pantry Curtain:: Green Burlap from Ballard's Back Room


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