September 8, 2009

Lake Oconee House Pics

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! The house we rented ended up being the perfect fit for our group. I did forget to take a picture of the front, but here is one from the back.

We did get to spend a lot of time out on the lake.

Our friend, Drew, told me I was acting like a tourist. I can't help taking pictures of beautiful homes!
I'd say this trip really made us want to spend a lot more time at Lake Oconee.

This was one of my favorites. I love the super dark mixed with white trim.

This home below, had a great pool area. Tough to see in photo. It is really difficult taking pics when the boat is flying and bouncing on the waves!

Basically the only affordable house that is for sale is located in this cove. I was very proud that we were able to find it. We knew it had to be very shallow water for the price. Needless to say, Drew's boat did hit a few stumps. We decided the price is right for the house, but not to dredge out this cove!

This picture below is definitely the favorite from the weekend.
I could get used to the idea of having a little lake house like this....

Now that we are back we are a little sad. The result of the UGA game this weekend doesn't help either. We'll see how this weekend goes against South Carolina.
{Last week I did a post titled "Textile Tuesdays". I received some good response, so I may work on making it a recurring theme where you can post your favorite fabrics too. More to come on that}


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