July 17, 2010

let there be light

What did we do before online shopping? It's the ultimate in window shopping. Found these good looking lanterns on Shades of Light.

There was a recent Southern Living that featured a home with huge glavanized water troughs as planters. That got me thinking that I really like the galvanized look. {Never knew that in all my years around horse water troughs}

I really like this lantern below.
These would be cool on a covered porch. Or maybe in a barn if you wanted to have a barn party!

Then to the natural looking stuff. I am also a big fan of driftwood decor. This sphere lantern is awesome, but at $799, Charles and I may have to find our own driftwood and make one.

Another good looking driftwood lantern.

This bamboo is super cute. I could see this in some bright colors! It's $148, so more reasonable.

This Gothic Lantern is one of my faves. Comes in different sizes and finishes.

I think this one would look good over our dining room table. Anyway, that's all for the weekend, have a good one!


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