July 21, 2010


Magazines are tough to throw away. I do try to thin my collection periodically. It is too sad to throw them away, so I usually pass on to a friend. {Unless I have torn out too many pages for my binder}

One way to keep my abundance of magazines, is to use them as decor. In our living room cabinet, I keep my stack of Veranda magazines. To me, they look nice enough with the wide edge. Anyway, the other night I was flipping through them, and found one of my very favorite rooms. Thought I would share.
This is the cover-October 2007

I do like a mix of colors, but if I had to choose one color to go with white, this bright green is it!

This is one of those spaces that gets me excited, and ready to redecorate something!!

This beautiful room seems like something I can emulate pretty easy.

Bright green has always been my color of choice. When I used to compete show horses, my colors were green and purple, then as I got older, I went to green and black. If there is ever a color choice in something, for me it's green! Doesn't this room just make you happy?


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