July 25, 2010

what i'm wearing...

Some bloggers like to post the outfits they wear on a regular day. I wanted to show what I wore the other night....to a 70's party!
Old scarf of my mom's, my massive sunglasses, wooden earrings, pique dress, and Tarjay super stacker shoes. Mom wore this as a swimsuit cover-up in the 70's, so this was my look. I went against the hippie chick, or disco diva-I like to think more Jackie O. :)

It's tough to get couple shots. Please pardon the dog toy mess. This is Savannah's toy basket {aka wood feed bucket} in my office.

Charles was channeling a little Jimmy Connor....{He wouldn't wear a sweatband, or carry a tennis racket}
Or a little Mcenroe...Minus the tennis tantrums!


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