July 22, 2010

more green

As a follow up to my previous post, here is more green! Since it is my favorite color, I went through my favorites file, and found these. What do you think of green doors? I think for the right house it would be fun.

{blueprint mag via concord green blog }

{via concord green blog}

This dining room is full of color! This has to be a beach house. Love all the green, turquoise, and coral.
{via kelly green blog }

Having a white sofa sitting in our basement, I am always on the look out for pics like this below. I would never be so bold as to do the stripes, but I really like all of the furniture and fabrics in this room.
{mary mcdonald via odi et amo }

This is an old favorite from Coastal Living. Similar to my Veranda post, pops of green on a neutral backdrop.
{via coastal living }

They did mix in a little coral to break it up. {This is just like my sofa}
{via coastal living}

On to some bedrooms. I typically go towards blue bedrooms, but I do like this bright green. I really like the velvet lumbar pillows on the bed and the curtains.
{caldwell flake via blueprint bliss }

Too bright? Here is a toned down version. I do like peaceful and calming bedrooms.
{style + grace via simply seleta }

There are so many different ways to incorporate green into design. What is your favorite color to use in decorating?


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