July 20, 2010

cool collage

There's nothing like putting your house on the market to get you cleaning, trashing, and organizing! What do you do with those things from childhood that you don't need, but just hate the thought of throwing out? I do think you have to purge in stages. When I went to college, I took only the things I needed. Then my parents sold their house when I lived in Newnan, and they sent a TON of my stuff to me. We're talking every single thing that I had ever owned. When I left Newnan for Griffin, I did get rid of a bunch of stuff. There were still things that I wasn't ready to let go. Through the years here in Griffin, I have given away and thrown away more stuff. Things that just a few years ago I thought I had to keep. Anyway, this story is brought on by this collage below. Way back in the day, my best friend made this for me. I remember her asking for some of my horse magazines at the time. Since I am apparently a hoarder and pack rat by nature, I gave them to her with trepidation....This is what she did! I'd say we were somewhere in the 11-13 age range. I have had this thing framed all of these years. Cleaning the basement the other day, I ran across it. My great idea was to take a picture for me to keep. This really is/was the ultimate inspiration board for all things equine. Which leads me to my point.
When we were younger, we called them collages. Now, as bloggers or whatever, we call them inspiration boards. Maybe it is just a cooler term. If you told your friends you made a cool collage, they might start thinking of pictures of your favorite boy bands, and such! Inspiration board, just sounds-maybe more professional and grown up. Here is my current IB below. No staging or rearranging.

You can see my original post on the history of my inspiration board here.

We see inspiration boards online that are inspiring to us as well. Below is Erika's from Urban Grace. {If you read my original post, you will know I used her's to design mine}
In some pictures like this one below, the IB seems like a piece of art to pull the room together.
{image from canadian house & home}

This is from Erin at Elements of Style. Erin uses this as her blog header.

What do you think? Is the inspiration board the new collage? Either way, I love mine!


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